Sharks Abound at the Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center is the place to be to get in front of aquatic creatures like this Grey Reef Shark (and all it’s teeth!). Photo by: Joe Boyd (via Wikimedia Commons)

The ocean is as much a part of the Hawaiian culture as the people themselves and there is no better place to experience the majesty of the sea than the Maui Ocean Center.

You can get up close and personal with thousands of ocean dwellers and their coral reef homes during your self-paced tour of the many interactive exhibits that are housed in Hawaii’s largest aquarium.

There are over 60 exhibits that emulate the natural ocean habitat of these incredible animals and the Underwater Journey allows you to walk through a tunnel that provides a 240-degree view of the marine life in their 750,000-gallon, open ocean tank.

You get a behind the scenes look at the unique open seawater system used by the aquarium. Rather than manufacturing artificial salt water, the aquarium uses water that is pumped in from the ocean. Here you can also discover all of the work and elements that are needed to create each of these amazing marine exhibits.

Turtle lagoon is a favorite with young and old alike. This exhibit brings the Hawaiian green sea turtle in for a closer look by offering two different viewing opportunities. You can view them from above and watch as they surface or go below and view them underwater through an observation window. The sea turtles found at the Maui Ocean Center are all part of Hawaii’s hatch and release program and each of them will be release into the ocean when they are ready.

The tide pool is one of the most popular interactive exhibits at the Ocean Center. It is modeled after a real ocean rock pool and filled with a vast array of harmless marine animals. Visitor can see these amazing creatures in their natural environment and with the guidance of one of the resident marine biologists guests are allowed, and encouraged, to touch the inhabitants

From the flowery looking corals to the fearsome hammerhead sharks, you can see it all at the Maui Ocean Center where education is combined with entertainment to ensure a fun-filled day.

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