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Hi, I'm Keith Kravitz. I'm a travel writer who rates and ranks the activity discounters who book Hawaii helicopter tours. I'm a big supporter of these companies. Without them, the price of helicopter rides would be through the roof. That said, this only works if you use the right discounters. How do you know you've got a good one? Easy. They sell premium brand-name tours at great prices. Use one of these companies and you'll instantly realize savings.

I've scoured the Interent for the best Hawaii helicopter tour discounters. My head was swimming there were so many out there. My persistence paid off. I found three companies that met and exceeded my standards. Yet only one can reign. So, without further adieu, I hereby announce HawaiiActive as my TOP PICK!

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Hawaii Active


Hawaii Active (My #1 Recommendation)

  • Sells only top-brand helicopter tours
  • Incredible discounts
  • Offers both island and inter-island flights
  • Offers the most upgrades
  • Specializes in group, family, and corporate trips
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Safe and secure website bookings
  • Great customer service

There's not a competitor on the Internet that can match Hawaii Active's selction of low-priced Hawaii helicopter tours.

Nobody holds a candle to Hawaii Active when it comes to low pries. That's quite an honor considering the islands are famously cutthroat when it comes to discounting activities.

What really separates Hawaii Active from the pack is the quality of its tours. The competition hustles trips run by struggling Mom-and-Pops. Hawaii Active represents only A-team operators.

Buy from Hawaii Active and get premium seats cheap. Don't confuse this with other discounters who'll squeeze you on any chopper that's still warm as a last-minute, jump-seat booking.

Don't gamble on smaller operations to organize your Hawaii helicopter tour. Hawaii Active's been reserving seats for couples, families, groups, and charters for years. When it comes to logistics, these guys are "FedEx" good.

Most discounters only sell a set number of tours. Not Hawaii Active. They've got all the hottest heli trips. Oahu sunrise flight? Done. Big Island volcano charter? Bingo. Kauai doors-off circle tour? Ka-pow!

I've trusted this company with my hard-earned travel dollars year in and year out and they've never disappointed me. Based on this and their gargantuan selection of quality Hawaii Helicopter tours, it's a no-brainer for me to give Hawaii Active my #1 pick.

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Testimonial #1:

One of the things I knew I wanted to do was take a Hawaii helicopter tour. I shopped the usual suspects and all the prices were ridiculously expensive. I figured I'd save it for another day. Until I found your site. I don't know how they do it but Hawaii Active sells premium helicopter tours at a discount. Sometimes by up to 35%!. In Hawaii, our tour rocked. Nothing beats seeing Oahu from above, especially Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor Memorial (you can actually see the battleship under the water), the Punchbowl Carters, and the very surreal Dole Pineapple maze. This helicopter ride totally exceeded our expectations.

~ Marco D'Antonini, Rome

Testimonial #2:

I wanted to take hubby on a Hawaii helicopter ride for our his birthday. It's information overload out there on the net. Two days into my hunt and my head was spinning. I mean how hard is it? I wanted to do a circle tour of Kauai that included the Napali Coast, Waimea Canyon, and Hanalei Bay, and here I was inundated with prices, email pitches, and pop ups. Your site helped me cut through the clutter. I used Hawaii Active and they got us the doors-off helicopter ride of our dreams. My ecstatic husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

~ Justine & Dan Tillman, Des Moines, IA

Testimonial #3:

I was put in charge of the family re-union in Hawaii this year. Nailing down the vacation rental and the luaus was a cinch. The real challenge was the activities. There are so many things to do in Maui. The top request I got was for a helicopter tour in Hawaii. I got bounced around the Internet like a ball. Landing on your site was a breath of fresh air. Picking Hawaii Active as your top discounter is pure genius (yes, I'm tooting your horn!). Our helicopter ride over the Haleakala Crater, the Hana Rainforest Reserve, and the Seven Sacred Pools was spectacular. Two thumbs up!

~ The Bronsky Family, Dallas, TX

Testimonial #4:

My daughter got accepted into her #1 college pick. As a family, we celebrated her success by taking a vacation to the Big Island. Of course, we had to take a volcano helicopter tour. I debated taking a ground trip but put the lid on that after I learned helicopters quite literally hover over the molten lava as it slides into the Pacific. Naturally, I expected a Hawaii helicopter flight like this to cost a pretty penny. I'm glad I put up a fight and found your site. Hawaii Active brought the cost down to earth. Thank heavens, too, because seeing Kilauea bubble over and do its thing from a helicopter is an absolute must-do. I still get e-mails from daughter about this family adventure.

~ The Doppler Family, San Diego, CA

Testimonial #5:

If there's a helicopter tour, my girlfriend and I are doing it. Hawaii's great because each island has flights. Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island were on our itinerary. I'm not much for planning activities when I'm at the destination. When I'm in it, the last thing I want to do is stay in the "planning" zone. Hawaii Active (thank you!) took all the guesswork out of your three-island extravaganza. In one fell swoop, I was able to book all three Hawaii helicopter tours. Took me 10 minutes. The best part is that I saved a wad of cash. Being a serial traveler, I'll probably use it on our trip to New Zealand.

~ Bryan & Denise Merriweather, Las Vegas, NV

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Hawaii Activities


Hawaii Activities

I'm a big fan of Hawaii Activities. One of the first discounters to go online, they continue to be a blaze the trail when it comes to prices.

They offer helicopter tours from all the Hawaiian Islands. I give most of their tour operators the "thumbs up." My reviews are still pending on a few.

There are a lot of excellent activities on this site. That's great news if you want to add a luau or dolphin swim to your helicopter package.

The website is well laid out. I always find the helicopter tour I want. Tour descriptions are accurate - a big deal in a market that can be full of hype.

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Hawaii Tours 123


Hawaii Tours 123

Hawaii Tours 123 is a relative newcomer that's coming on strong. This is due to its increasingly popular daily Hawaii helicopter special.

The special is awesome IF it's the right helicopter tour for you. The site does it for all islands so surf around.

I do like Hawaii Tours 123's philosophy that offering the Top 10 Things To Do for each island is sufficient. Too often it's information overload on the Net.

The site is super-fast and concise. I hear good things about it from my readers who buy helicopter tours (and more) using their smart phones.

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