Maui Helicopter Tour

Fact: The average Maui visitor sees less than 25% of the Island. Don’t Let This be You. Take a Maui helicopter tour & see it all!

Most people don’t realize that the majority of Maui lies hidden behind steep mountain walls, impenetrable rainforest, and private land. It’s unfortunate, in my opinion, that these travelers leave this gorgeous island having probably seen less than 25 percent of it!

Maui Helicopters are Key to Unlocking All of the Island’s Natural Treasures…

How can you avoid becoming “that” person? Easy. Take a Maui helicopter ride. Flights blanket West Maui and East Maui. You can even book ones that circumnavigate the island, as well as cross over the whale-populated Pailolo Channel to Molokai, the “Friendly Island.”

Trips leave daily from Kahului heliport and last anywhere from 40 minutes to longer than one hour. Pricing is super competitive and value is off the charts. That said, if you want the best deal, here’s how you do it: 1) Reserve your seats as early as possible; and 2) book your trip on the Internet.

A Fun, Exciting Island Activity? Take a Maui Helicopter Ride!

Depending on which Maui helicopter tour you fly, here a short list of things you’ll see that folks on the ground can only envy:

  • Hana Rainforest Reserve
  • The tallest waterfall in Hawaii
  • The tallest sea cliffs in the world
  • Haleakala Crater – The world’s largest dormant volcano!
  • Sacred Pools of Oheo
  • The Mini “Grand Canyon”
  • The Incredible West Maui Mountains
  • Black-sand beaches
  • The Weeping Wall
  • Untouched shorelines
  • Migrating whales

…and so MUCH more!

I could write a book on natural Maui and all that you’ll see below as your helicopter flies over the knife-edged West Maui mountain ridges and cloud-covered peaks, but that would take away from the thrill and rush that can only be experienced by taking a helicopter ride!

See you up there!

– Keith


  1. I am planning a trip to Maui, with my parents in January, to visit Kye. I will be in contact with you to book a flight for the family.

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